Hunger in our Midst

This week I am in Tampa attending the Florida Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Nutrition Symposium.#FLFANS.  The sessions won’t actually start until tomorrow but this evening the Board of Directors and other interested members were invited to a tour of Feeding America Tampa Bay, a food bank serving a 10 county area.

One out of 7 adults and one out of 4 children suffer food insecurity: it could be someone that you share a cubicle with at work, or little boy or girl in your child’s playgroup.

This huge warehouse stores a combination of shelf-stable and perishable foods. The shelves in the picture above turn-over every 72 hours. Nothing stays in this facility very long. It is stocked with donations from industry partners like grocery chains. Agency trucks go out to the farms to pick up the produce that can’t be sold due to defects. And it depends upon volunteers to sort, package and distribute to 600 individual food pantries and weekend backpack programs in the schools.




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